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    Setting Up Remote Office

    Some things to consider for your home workspace while remote accessing are security and speed. Various options are available for remote work from home; remotely connect to your work PC from home or bring your workstation home and access needed files on the company server.

    MCS can set up remote access through Managed IT Services platform or we can set up VPN connections to get back into the office servers. In most scenarios remote access to the office PC will be user friendly, while the VPN connection can run slow. Security is critical during remote access, Managed IT Services utilize Malwarebytes pro, Malwarebytes anti-exploit, and Malwarebytes anti-ransomware to protect users while working.

    Some accommodations will need to be provided for the remote workforce. Consider faster internet connection and WiFi signal at the home office. Schedule cloud backups as well as keep an eye on overall functionality of your equipment to avoid system failure.

    Mansfield Computing Solutions can evaluate your current remote workforce needs and present a plan to handle the security and speed.

    Your productivity and focus are impacted by your surroundings. Consider some of these recommendations while your employees set up their new remote office:

    • Minimizing distractions
    • Sticking to a routine
    • Putting clear boundaries in place
    • Working in comfort
    • Maintaining balance between work and family life
    • Communicating and collaborating well
    • Gathering your ideas and thoughts
    • Maximizing productivity