We have used Mansfield Computing Solutions, LLC (David) since 2015.  He has solved any issues we have encountered and made efficient and cost-effective suggestions to help our company.  He has the capability of working in your office or online and has always responded quickly.    In addition, it is very comforting to know that David will be the one to respond to our needs each time.  This eliminates the need to explain our systems and expectations each time we have a problem.  We are very thankful for Mansfield Computing Solutions.
Anne M. EdwardsEastman Development Companies, LLC
I have worked with David Mansfield for approximately 10 years. During this time I have always found him to be very knowledgeable and thorough. David works hard to maintain prompt availability to his customers. He also has a good knack for communicating technical issues in a manner which all can understand. I highly recommend David Mansfield and Mansfield Computing Solutions.
R. Howard FlemingFleming Insurance/Allstate
For the past 8+ years, David Mansfield and Mansfield Computing Solutions has been my go to person/company for all my information technology needs and to keep my computers and other devices running smoothly. Prior to working with David, I have always been disappointed in the service I had received from computer companies.  Data had been lost, computers were not properly protected, and repairs were incredibly costly.  Since I discovered Mansfield Computing Solutions I have not had any problems with lost data due their diligence on reminding me on how to properly back up information.  They are extremely responsive, day or night, weekends, anytime I have a question or need help.  Repairs and tune ups have been completed on my schedule, done efficiently and in a timely manner and in most cases, fixed remotely.  They provide advice on how to get the most out of my equipment and how to save money on properly maintaining my equipment. Mansfield Computing Solutions  has  advised me on what computers to purchase and or avoid, the type of anti-virus to get and the best cost efficient internet services for my needs.  Most of all I appreciate the education, in lay-man terms on how my equipment works, what may be causing the challenges I am having, and how to remedy the issue for the short and long term,  plus conveying knowledge about the latest scams. Mansfield Computing Solutions is honest and works with the highest degree of integrity. I fully endorse David Mansfield and Mansfield Computing Solutions to handle anything computer related.
Michael McConchieM&M Consultants
MCS keeps us up and running smoothly and is always responsive when we have an emergency.  They handle all our computer issues so we can concentrate on doing what we do.
Adam NixHeritage Kitchen & Bath and Southern Floor Designs
David Mansfield has been my computer geek for some time now. David provides on line service for many of my computer glitches. This service proves to be fast, reliable and efficient. I call or email and his response is usually immediate which is worth a lot to me. Additionally he helps me with new hardware and new programming software and has even set up a completely new work station at my office. With the ever changing technology, David keeps me updated and current with the latest items available that fit my particular needs. Time is money and my downtime is minimized with David’s service.
Sanford BaileySanfordBailey.com